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    Secured Synonym


      We are undergoing a migration to r12 from 11i. I am not sure on how to handle the Secured Synonyms.

      There is a custom report whose parameter is based out of 'PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS' which is a view in 11i, it runs fine there. But in r12 it is a secured synonym. So when I click on the parameter (in R12) I get an error that there are no values. If it was in code (sql etc) I could have set the Mo_Global, but in the parameter, w can't do that.

      if I use the base table _ALL, I get multiple rows for the same Req# for different OUs.
      I have also tried to add fnd_profile.value ('org_id') in the where clause of the VS, still same error.

      Any one has resolved such an issue earlier? It is a table type VS.


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          add your concurrent program for use multiorg mode as
          System Administration -> Concurrent -> Programs -> find by short name -> Update -> tab Request -> Operating Unit Mode -> Multiple
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            Thanks Alex.

            Though you mentioned, I was looking at System Adminitrat*or* but it is Administrat*ion*.... My bad.

            Alternatively you can run the below script to update it for > 1 programs at a time:

            WHERE CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME =<Prog Short Name>