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    Editing checkin date after checkin

      Hi All,

      May i know is it possible to change the checkin date(dInDate) after checked in.

      Requirement: I have uploaded some records with many metadata fields, thats y checking a feasible way to update the publish date alone

      S. Muthukumaran
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          update the publish date alone
          So, is the question about check-in date (when the item has made it to the system), or publish date (or release date - since when the item is available to users, not just admins).

          The latter has its specific field, dReleaseDate, and whilst I can't think of any reason to update checkin date, I could imagine that release date could be modified (on condition that the item has not been released yet). It is true that OOTB it is read-only - most likely to prevent messing up with this date. Note that it might also have impact on versioning (each revision has its own release date).

          dReleaseDate can be OOTB modified only in Repository Manager. You might have to create a custom component if you want to do it elsewhere - profiles seems to be no help here.