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    Binding parameters to a VO that already have a binding parameter at start


      I posted my problem before ( Binding additional parameters to a VO that already have a binding parameter ) but still couldn't solve it. Once again :

      I have an ADF project with a Form Based Authentication. I bind username (adf.context.securityContext.userName) to every View Object and filter all data from begining. What I want to do is binding a second parameter, to filter data once again, after page is rendered with just userName condition.

      So query of my VO is basicly like "select name,date from table1" and it should be executed with two parameters ( first p_name and then p_date)

      Value for p_name is "adf.context.securityContext.userName" and it will be passed initially to VO . Than I want to pass the second parameter (p_date) from user input (like input text),which I couldn't do it by ExecuteWithParams operation, and filter data once again.

      The datas are spesific to each user and other users should not reach any data because it's a critical task for the suplier. View Criteria also is not a solution because somehow they can query the VO with userName input and reachother users information.

      What I could do so far is rendering page with just userName,second part is still missing. There is a strange situation because when I try to bind userName once again, it's emptied.That's why ExecuteWithParams also doesn't work.

      Any suggestion?