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    imsrestore: General error Mailbox is opened


      after restoring a lot of emails, I got an error on imsrestore:

      /opt/SUNWcomms/messaging64/bin/imsrestore[21472]: General Error: user/grzemba/Sent Cannot set per user flags : Mailbox is opened

      and restore hang.
      It was called via Networker recover and imsasm.

      But I have all servicee stoped and started the only store with
      # start-msg store

      What the real problem?

      Oracle Communications Messaging Server 7u4-27.01( 64bit (built Aug 30 2012)
      libimta.so 7u4-27.01 64bit (built 08:47:11, Aug 30 2012)
      Using /opt/SUNWcomms/messaging64/config/imta.cnf (compiled)
      SunOS webmail 5.10 Generic_Virtual i86pc i386 i86pc
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          The error message happens when the folder being restored to did not have the same UID VALIDITY as the original folder - ie, it is not the original folder. The "is opened" part is just reporting the status of the preceding call to open the folder. So we know that succeeded, but it found the UID VALIDITY is not the same.

          But I'm not sure that will help you much.

          Also, when you say "restore hangs", do you mean the imsrestore process which reported that error continues to exist but is not doing anything else? If so, please do pstack on it. If not, then exactly what do you mean?

          I would also say to look in the default log file around the time of the error.

          And open a support case.
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            Yes, the restore has completed successfully, but I my case imsrestore is called throuht imsasm in a networker recover session.
            After this message, the session does not terminate, so it seems that the recover was not successful.
            Maybe the networker is confused about that error message.