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    Unable to extend ProfileFormHandler

      Im trying to create a class which extends the ProfileFormHandler. After creating this class I'm not able to create a component out of this new class. Eclipse doesnt create one. Im trying to create a seperate login page for admin users for my test website where I intend to do the validation in the class which extends the ProfileFormHandler. Please suggest the workaround for this ?
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          Nitin Khare
          Eclipse doesnt create one.
          I'm not sure what you depending upon Eclipse to create a component. But do you mean to say that Eclipse is not recognizing ProfileFormHandler? If so then you may want to add classes.jar from DPS module in your build path under Eclipse project properties. Depending on your type of ATG application, typically classes.jar from DAS, DSS and other ATG modules should also be added in the build path if you are using Eclipse.

          Once you have the Java class ready, a component can be created by creating a properties file under a directory path within the CONFIGPATH (usually a directory called "config") of your application module which specifies class, scope and other properties for your component. The directory path under config is chosen to reflect the functionality or purpose of your component. This directory path also forms your component path which you use to resolve and use your component anywhere in the application. You can refer to ATG Programming Guide for further details on this.
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            Hi, Nitin thank you for replying to my post. But while creating the project in Eclipse I have added all the three DPS, DSS and DAS as the required modules. So classes.jar already exists in the build path. I'm able to create other custom components extended from for e.g RepositoryFormHandler. But when I'm trying to create a custom component for validation from ProfileFormHandler Eclipse is not allowing. When I say it is not allowing that mean when I click on the Finish after giving the class name, scope and component name , clicking Finish button does not do anything.
            Are you suggesting I create the property file for the class that I want directly instead of the Eclipse doing it for me by creating the component?
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              Nitin Khare
              So it appears that you are using ATG Eclipse plugin for creating the component. I'm not sure what could be the reason for the problem you are facing with that but you can try packaging your classes in a JAR and adding that JAR in the build path also instead of leaving your classes in exploded form in output directory if you are building through Eclipse.

              And yes, as an alternative you can manually create the properties file at the desired path and then try to browse it through ATG Component Browser.
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                Have you tried creating this class outside of Eclipse (directly in the workspace using windows explorer)? Then refresh eclipse and see if the class is picked by it. It could very well be the plugin that you are using might be stopping you from creating the class in the location that you want.
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                  Rohan Dekate
                  Hi 934636,

                  I face the same problem, I have to customize the existing OOTB ProfileFormHandler , i was trying to Extends like MyFormHandler extends pro .... but the intellisense was not showing the ProfileFormHandler class . I rectified the problem .Here is what I did

                  go to your project say MyProject right click ----->Go to build path ---->Configure buildpath----------> Click on Libraries tab-----> add external jar-------------------------------------> C:\ATG\ATG10.1\DPS\lib add both classes.jar and resources.jar ,click ok ok. and right click on MyProject refresh it , and check MyFormHandler extends ProfileFormHandler .it will show it in Intellisense.
                  Hope it helps :)