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    created new workspace, user created OTN account but cannot access workspace


      i recently created GFW_SYSTEMS_TEAM beehiveonline workspace.

      i added 4 external users including myself as an external user using my gmail account: neil.pritchard@gmail.com so i could verify the process from an external user point of view

      i created my OTN account and verified it but cannot access the workspace using this login.
      when i check the users in beehiveonline-apex i see that all users are verified.
      when i check the users in the workspace, 2x external users are missing but my gmail user is there
      when i check the ~BOLADMIN tool i see that my gmail user is missing - only my oracle account is visible; the other 2x external users are also missing...

      my oracle and gmail email addresses are similar : neil.pritchard@~ oracle.com, gmail.com
      i am accessing from my secondary oracle laptop (OBI); not on vpn

      can you tell me if there are any known conflicts with the above setup?

      more info:
      OS: XP SP2; browser IE8
      when accessing teamcollab or workspaces i get 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' during login authentication

      best regards

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