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    Job Control Clover components


      I was looking through the documentation on Clover's site and noticed there were quite a few components that are not included with OEID 2.3, in particular the Job Control components.
      According to the documentation, +"To be able to use this component, your license needs to support the Jobflow."+

      Are there any plans in the future to include these set of components? There are components in that set that I see being very beneficial in building graphs.

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          Dan at Branchbird

          I think this question is best answered by OEID product management who actively post in this forum. You'll likely get a response from that angle soon.

          That said, in my experience with the product, major releases of the OEID product typically look to incorporate the most recent version of the CloverETL product so I assume you'll see CloverETL 3.3 incorporated in one of the next few releases.

          I know that doesn't give you much to go on.