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    Issue Saving -- it doesn't seem to (Bug?)

    Stuart Fleming
      I installed Version Build MAIN-09.87 the other day. The way I use sql dev is I have sql developer open and a sqlplus window.

      I have a file open in sql developer which I then write procedures in, then when I want to run it, I run it in SQL plus. It is easier to see the error in sqlplus (NOT that I have many! ;).

      Ever since I installed this version, I will write something, save it, then run it in sql plus -- but the changes do not seem to save. If I change the name of a table in sql dev, then save, and run that same file in sqlplus, it seems to give data from the old table.

      Uninstalling....going back a couple of versions.

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          Can you open the file in a text editor, like notepad, and confirm that the (Worksheet/Procedure Editor - which are you using?) is or is not saving your change?

          Showing errors in SQL Developer is exactly the same as in SQL*Plus - add a 'Show Errors' in your file. When you run it via F5, you'll see just what you see in SQL*Plus.

          Or, if you have just a single object, use the Procedure Editor to do your development. You'll see your errors come back auto-magically. Here's a short overview
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            Stuart Fleming
            Thank you for the reply, but I already uninstalled it. It seemed like it wasn't saving, and I would look at the base file in windows explorer, and it wasn't there.

            Frankly, if this issue re-occurs, I would look into it, otherwise, hope it was some network glitch on my side.

            Thank you for your help.

            Best Regards,