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Querying gv$session

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I'm running the below query connected to Instance 1 of an Oracle DB with 2 nodes through sqldeveloper.
select * from gv$session where machine = 'CHJAYARA-LAP';
I've just one instance of sqldeveloper opened and just one active connection through it. However the above query returns 3 rows, 2 rows with inst_id = 1 and 1 with inst_id = 2. One row has program = SQL Developer, the others have and

Could you please explain the additional 2 rows in gv$session when all I've is just one connection to the DB.

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    Kim Berg Hansen Expert
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    Probably child sessions for parallel query or queries to each node.
    If all three have the same AUDSID value, it is really the same connection - then the two with program "oracle@<nodename> (PZ99)" are the child sessions.
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    Thanks Kim.

    I'm working on the below query which should give me the details of all active sessions and the queries they are running. The query also gives sid, serial#, spid, and inst_id in case I want to kill the session.

    I'm getting duplicates because of the child sessions. Is there a way to differentiate the parent and child session?
    SELECT sess.inst_id,
    FROM gv$session sess,
      gv$process PROC,
      gv$sqlarea ar
    WHERE sess.paddr        = proc.addr
    AND sess.inst_id        = proc.inst_id
    AND sess.sql_address    = ar.address
    AND sess.sql_hash_value = ar.hash_value
    AND sess.inst_id        = ar.inst_id
    AND sess.status         = 'ACTIVE'
    AND (proc.background   <> 1
    OR proc.background     IS NULL)
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    Kim Berg Hansen Expert
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    There must be, because in TOAD session browser the child sessions are "attached" to the parent session.
    I am sorry I do not know how the TOAD programmers query the gv$ views ;-) I just use the session browser myself.

    But most likely there are some other forum users who can tell how to differentiate. Wel'll just wait and see. Sorry I can't be of more help ;-)


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