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    APP-PER-289112 Error when terminating an employee

      current version 11.5.10
      db 10g

      when terminating an employee through Forms, I'm getting a APP-PER-289112 error: When entering insurance carrier information it is mandatory that you enter the carrier name. I'm unable to find the cause of this error in our setups.

      Can someone provide information on setting up insurance carrier information or point me to a metalink document that might assist me.
      Thank you. I'm very anxious to get this resolved
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          Are you missing to check any DFF's which are created on employee form and termination form , so there might be some thing you will get
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            Whenever a employee is terminated a new person record gets created.My assumption is you have a DFF for which there is a mandatory segment which is not being poplated in this case.

            Check for below :

            Application Developer - > Descriptive Flexfield Segments -> Addl%Person%Information-> Here you will find a prompt with name Additional Persono Details and make the same non-mandatory.

            Then try doing this action.

            You might have to have a different approach to ensure how you will make the DFF (Insurance Carrier) Mandatory for new hires.

            In order to get more specific detail try to perform the same operation using :

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