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    Are there different definition of  the length of LONG RAW type between Tims

      I used Timeste11g + Oracle before, I created one table and the matched cachegroup:
      create table test(recvtime timestamp(6), ucdata long raw);
      create ASYNCHROUNOUS writethrough cache group from ds.test(recvtime timestamp(6),ucdata varbinary(4000));
      I executed the SQL in Timeten: Insert into test(sysdate,'ddddddddddddddd....dddd'); (there are 3500 characters 'd')
      and the record could be find in Oracle.

      Today, I update my Oracle from 10g to Oracle 11R2,and execute the same SQL in Timesten,
      the SQL can be execute right in Timesten ,but I can not find the record in Oracle.
      By watching the tterrors.log , there is some errors about this SQL:
      12:00:00 Err: REP:21272: DS: receiver.c(99020): TT5107:TT5107:Oracle(OCI) error in Insert into "DS"."TEST"("RECVTIME","UCDATA") values
      (to_timestamp('2012-11-19 12:00:00.3333','SYYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.FF6'), hextoraw('dddddddddddddddddddddddddd...dddddd'))
      12:00:00 Err: REP: 21272:DS: receiver.c(9020): TT5130: TT5130: Error executing the following statement in Oracle: AWT PL/SQL BLOCK WITH META DATA
      -- file "bdbTb1H.c", lineno 1927, procedure "dbdbAWTPlSqlWithMetaExecDirect()"

      I insert the same record into oracle by pl/sql developer directly , OK.

      I change the ucdata from 3500 'd' to 2000 'd', OK. 2001 'd' the same error with 3500 'd'.

      Is it mean Oracle 11R2 can support Long Raw which the length of column is bigger than 2000. Timesten11g can support too, but Timesten11g+Oracle11R2 can not. Or if I lost some parameters configuration?