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    LOV's not popping up

      Hi Freinds,

      I am creating a custom page, it is having a number of Lov's.
      Some of them are inline and some of them external LOV's.
      I gave Lov mapping, set all properties, but still when i click on torch button Lov is not popping up.
      I give search allowed property true, Selective Search true.
      I think i am missing some property.

      Please help in fixing this issue.

      Thanks in advance
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          Hi Jyothi ,

          Please make sure that Lov search items are set to true in LOV region which you have created .

          What exactly the issue ? you were not able to see the pop window when you attempt to click on torch icon ? or
          search items are not visible in the LOV pop window ?

          Please refer Lov search exercise in index.html under java doc ( Jev patch ) , let me know if its not clear .

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            Ranjith Nuthakki
            Hai Jyothi,

            Let me know what exactly happens when you click on the LOV torch icon. I mean to know if you are getting any error message or else nothing is shown on the page.
            And then check if you are able to get the LOV selection windows for another standard pages. I mean to check if the issue is with the browser settings or if the issue is with the LOV you are trying to access.

            On checking with the reply to this post, we shall proceed further.

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              Hi Keerthi/Raja,

              Thanks for your replies.

              The problem is LOV window is not getting popped up. When i click on the torch link nothing is happening.

              I copied the same LOV to another custom page and run that page for testing, there this lov is working fine.

              It looks very strange for me.

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                Ranjith Nuthakki
                Hi Jyothi,

                You have attached the LOV to an Item in the page you are having issues.
                Check with the LOV properties of that item.
                check if any of the LOV attributes property is set to Search Allowed True or not. Atleast one of them should be set to True.
                More over, Set the Selective Search property of the LOV to false and then try once again.

                You said that you are able to use the same LOV for some other custom OAPage. Fine. Did you try using that on same browser you are using for the page that is having issues?

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                  I tried it on the same browser.

                  Same lov on one custom page os not working and same on different page is working fine.

                  so i think the issue is not of any property of lov.