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    Difference between OBI apps and OFSAA


      In my next project I need to work on OFSAA, so I did some google and found some related topics like OBI apps and OFSAA. Can anyone put some light on the differences among two. What I got if from some blogs/article about these terms are like:

      OFSAA: Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure is the complete end-to-end Business Intelligence solution that is easily accessible via your desktop. Its single interface lets you tap your company's vast store of operational data to track and respond to business trends.

      OBI Apps: It is a complete end to end BI environment covering BI platform (BI server including ETL and reporting tool) and pre-packaged analytic applications (pre-built reports, dashboards, alerts using OBIEE).

      As from the above definition, I can not find out the major and distinctive differences between the two so could anyone help me in putting some light to these terms.

      Your help would really be appreciated.
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          Ahsan Shah
          I believe these are 2 completely separate and unrelated systems/solutions. OFSSA is an acquisition Oracle made ONLY for pure play BANKING software. It has its own technology and metadata stack. This includes Risk Management, etc.

          Check here for details: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28033_01/books/Infrastructure/OFSAAI_7.3_User_Manual.pdf

          OBIA is a pre packged DW solution from Oracle for ALL ERPs (PSoft, EBS, JDE, etc) for multiple industry areas (Financials, Human Resources, CRM, etc)

          Oracle will probably try to integrate OFSSA with more Oracle technologies in the coming future (FMW, Exalytics, etc). For now, these are 2 unrelated solutions and systems.

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