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    RMAN-06059 when doing rman backup

      When doing rman backup of archived logs, I get following error:

      RMAN-06059: expected archived log not found, lost of archived log compromises recoverability
      ORA-19625: error identifying file D:\EMPOWERARCHIVE1DB\ARC25045_0624985288.001

      The standard solution to this problem is to run
      change archivelog all crosscheck;

      But when I run it never looks at avove log, as a result does not marl ut unavaiable or whaetver. I see many other archived logs:

      archive log filename=D:\EMPOWERARCHIVE1DB\ARC21341_0624985288.001 recid=243580 stamp=795326744
      validation failed for archived log

      Is there any way to run change archivelog on an individual archived log. I treplaced all by archived log name, it gave me syntax error.

      My RMAN BACKUPS are failing. How can I get them fixed. Should I catalog this in rman.