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    Resubmitting IBR jobs Based on Matadata Field changes

      I would like to trigger PDF generation at run time based on the change of status of content item.

      The reports storing into the content server and we want to generate the pdf only when the report status is set to "Official".
      We are using IBR to generate this pdf.

      We do not want to trigger the pdf conversion during check-in like normally done.

      Any help is very much appreciated.
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          assuming you know to override std includes or create java filter...

          option 1:
          hook into any filter thats executed before docRefinery service method and set addReleasedWebFile = 1.

          option 2:
          modify the check-in and update pages
          - at submit or update validate function(js), check the value of your custom field and if it "doesn't meet the criteria" create a new hidden field with name = "*addReleasedWebFile*" and value = *1*.

          I would recommend option 2.