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    Data issue

      Hi all ,

      We have a package. In this package two procedure mainly worked in two tables
      " Mater" having around 40 columns and "Children" table having around 30 columns.
      Both tables having common as PAN Number.

      once we run this package it's loading the data into spreadsheet.
      But the problem is we are missing some PAN numbers and getting same ID's for some people. but for some people it is NULL as well. Here is an example .
      ENO                 ENAME             SAL           PAN           
      1                       A                 2000          AERTT76547
      2                       B                  3000          AERTT76548
      3                       A                 4987           AERTT76547
      4                       C                 9087            BTHYU8796S
      5                       B                 0987
      6                       k                  0987           UYTIO9870D
      Like this we have duplicates and getting Null for the same person. I am not able to post the whole procedure.
      This the problem am facing. so can you please help help me out to write the correct cding part.

      I have deleted the duplicate records and ran teh packacge by using the procedure which I have written in the Package.But still loading the data in the same way. am sorry for not paosing procedure/table here.


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          966949 wrote:
          This the problem am facing. so can you please help help me out to write the correct cding part.
          No, we can't help since we don't have your table, data or requirements.
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            please help help me out to write the correct cding part.
            Seriously? You've given us absolutely nothing to work with except a spreadsheet which you say is incorrect.
            am sorry for not paosing procedure/table here.
            Apologizing is completely useless. We still don't have anything to work with.
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              keep on posting questions like this, leaving all your question unresolved and ignoring suggestions about how to post a question.

              In my last message Re: Load data from excel to Oracle Tables of you infinite thread I have posted an example of how you should ask questions:

              a) create table statements;
              b) insert statements;
              c) explain logic you want to achieve
              d) post expected output.

              Additionally if you are satisfied with the answers, you should mark your questions as answered. Now you have 8 on 8 unresolved. Isn't anybody able to help you maybe in this forum?

              It looks you don't care about what everybody has always said to you for longtime. Why should we care about your questions then?