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    Zimbra 'Empty Trash' not working

      About a month ago, I found out that when I right-clicked on 'Empty Trash' in Zimbra, that the Trash would empty, but then I would go back to Trash, the emails were still there. I logged a MyHelp ticket, but that didn't go anywhere. I have tested this with both Firefox and IE. The workaround is to select all emails in the Trash and click the 'Delete'.

      Anyone else experiencing this problem?
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          Jereen Mathew-Oracle
          The Trash folder in Zimbra corresponds to Beehive Workspace Trash(only visible using Outlook/Deleted Items or Zimbra/Trash). Any delete rules you have in place from bcentral will delete mail that and move into Workspace Trash. However the delete rule does not automatically purge. So if you use a delete rule you need to follow up by emptying either Zimbra/Trash or Outlook/Deleted Items. Thunderbird does not provide a view on Workspace Trash – this is a limitation of Beehive.

          Zimbra is not too efficient for deleting mails from Workspace Trash. It depends on the number of messages in Workspace Trash and the size they take up and sometimes Zimbra may 'Time out' trying to empty the folder.