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    Questions on Password Policy

      Hi All,

      I have couple of questions on password policy behavior upon OAM-EBS integration.
      Currently "Applications SSO Auto Link User" options is set to "Disable" in my env.

      Please confirm if following is the right understanding.

      1.     Upon OAM-EBS integration, user whose EBS account is linked with OID cannot change their password from EBS console. EBS password policy (Password expiry etc) will be overridden by OID policy.
      2.     EBS user`s whose account is not linked with OID can change the password and EBS password policy will be applicable for that user.
      3.     To have the user use EBS password policy he must be unlinked by setting up USER_GUID attribute to null in FND_USER table.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Your understanding is correct -- Please see these docs.

          Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Single Sign-On [ID 261914.1]
          USE: EBS Technology Stack OID and SSO [ID 1461466.2]
          How To Temporarily Stop User Synchronization From OID To FND User [ID 1120413.1]
          Troubleshooting Oracle Access Manager and Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate [ID 1077460.1]
          Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager 10g using Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate [ID 975182.1]

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            Thanks Hussein for the confirmation.