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    Oracle Database Cloud Service and local Oracle databases subscriber end

      Hi all,

      Based on the readin I've done so far there is no SQLnet support to interface existing subscriber databases to database on Oracle cloud - and also the only way to enter/update data on Oracle Cloud Database is via actually humans keying in data.
      I could be wrong but so far it seems I can create tables manually and/or using e.g. an Excel sheet and then provide the data entry interface to the users available via web based ui.
      So my question is what makes this different from users having a simple database in Oracle Express on a server and using it? What sort of enterprise solution is Oracle Database Cloud Service?

      I am not being critical just trying to better under this. I have been using Oracle products for many years and would like to make use of ORacle Cloud services too.


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          Hi DBA -

          You can create tables and load data from spreadsheets, which is a good thing in terms of productivity, but certain not the only way to interact with the Database Cloud Service. I think you are missing a couple of key features of the Database Cloud. You can use RESTful Web Services to define any type of interaction with the data you can define with SQL or PL/SQL. Although this is the same thing you can do with Oracle Express Edition, or any other Oracle Database edition, this is typically not a limiting factor.

          But I think you are talking about something along the line of bulk data movement in and out of the Service. You can read the white paper about data movement to learn all the capabilities we have in this area, which can be found here - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-cloud/public/data-movement-wp-1844121.pdf. FYI, we find that we can upload up to a million rows a minute in internal tests we have done, which is certainly approaching enterprise strength.

          Hope this helps.

          - Rick Greenwald
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