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    Error in SchemaConstantOptionLookup after generate Artifacts in CCB SDK

    Angel Perez
      I'm getting this error on a fresh CCB 2.3.1 SP5 FW 2.2.0 SP15 Development installation (windows xp + tomcat).

      After getting SPL SDK configured in Eclipse, run Artifact Generator and some java source code is generated in the gen folder.

      The SchemaConstantOptionLookup.java file show a compilation error:

      Source Code:
      CUSTOMER_CONTACT_CLASS = (SchemaConstantOptionLookup) com.splwg.ccb.api.lookup.SchemaConstantOptionLookup.constants.*CUSTOMER_CONTACT_CLASS*;

      com.splwg.ccb.api.lookup.SchemaConstantOptionLookup.constants.CUSTOMER_CONTACT_CLASS cannot be resolved or is not a field     SchemaConstantOptionLookup.java     /CCB231Project/gen/com/splwg/cm/api/lookup     line 106     Java Problem

      Went to the application (online) and verified that the Lookup Value C1CC/CustomerContactClass is defined within the F1CN_OPT_TYP_FLG Lookup Field so I don't know what the problem should be.

      Please Help