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    Suspect in define time start and stop process

    T N
      Hi experts,

      If you want to set the time to start process at one time and time I stop process at one time.


      T N
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          For your extract process you can use the parameter BEGIN of the command ADD EXTRACT to set from what date on you want to start
          capturing information.
          ADD EXTRACT <group name>
          {, BEGIN {NOW | yyyy-mm-dd [:hh:mi:[ss[.cccccc]]]} |
             , EXTSEQNO <seqno>, EXTRBA <relative byte address> |
             , LOGNUM <log number>, LOGPOS <byte offset> |
             , EOF |
             , LSN <value> |
             , EXTRBA <relative byte address> |
             , EOF | LSN <value> |
             , PAGE <data page>, ROW <row> |
          You should review the reference guide for more info.

          But still you have to start and stop the process manually, but an option could be to use a cron to run
          an script that starts or stops the GoldenGate processes.

          Hope this helps.