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    Error while adding new level to Demantra BM

      Hi All,

      I installed Demantra 7.3.1 standalone and loaded sample data to Demantra. The workflow, engine and Collab WB was running without any issue.
      I created a new level 'Customer Group' for location from Data Model in BM. While trying to build the model after changing the data model, I am getting following error -

      Error - ORA -2001: Error in procedure REBUILD_DATABASE ORA-01400: Cannot insert NULL into
      ORA-06512:at "DEMANTRA.DATA_MODEL",Line 18
      ORA-06512:at "DEMANTRA.DATA_MODEL",Line 607
      ORA-06512:at "DEMANTRA.DATA_MODEL" - Problem with procedure EP_BUILD_MODEL!!

      Now I am unable to login to Demantra Workbench or Workflow.

      Request your help on this please. How do I get back Demantra to working condition?