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    Unable to get AM object of an External LOV Region in CO of the Main Page.

      Hi ,

      I have a requirment to add dynamic where clause to a LOV VO.

      LOV field details:
      External LOV region is attached to the field.
      No Controller
      External Region Lov region has one AM attached.

      The LOV AM is not extended in the Main Page AM.

      Can anyone please suggest how to access the LOV AM in the Main page Controller...so that I can access the VO attached to the AM and set the where clause as required.

      Below are the solutions i have tried to implement. But was unsuccessful

      1. LovAMImpl XxLovAM = (LovAMImpl )pageContext.getRootApplicationModule().findApplicationModule("LovAM");

      2. Extended the Main Page AM (root application module) and extended the LovAM .

      3.OAWebBean regionbean = webBean.findChildRecursive("LovRN");
      LovAMImpl xxLovAM = (LovAMImpl)pageContext.getApplicationModule(regionbean);

      In all the above mentioned solutions, Lov AM object was null.

      It will be a great help if anyone can suggest any solution for the same.

      Thanks and Regards,