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    Starting Endeca Learning


      I am planning to learn endeca from starting.I don't have any idea about endeca.
      Which guide I need to start or what is the correct sequence of learning?
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          Dan at Branchbird
          Here are some things to get you acclimated:

          1) The Oracle website has a "Learn More" page dedicated to EID which can point you to a YouTube screencast series about the technology, product documentation, forums, design patterns, etc. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/endeca/learnmore/learnmore-1544959.html

          2) The Endeca Information Discovery QuickStart (This is downloadable from http://edelivery.oracle.com and is available to Oracle Partners and licensed customers). The quickstart has an all-in-one installer (note your operating system has to be 64-bit windows). It also comes with sample data (the same data in the YouTube channel above) as well as a sample ingest (ETL) workflow defined to move the sample data into the Endeca Server (aka. database). It also has a PDF that walks you through the application setup. If you're itching to kick the tires, this is where I would start.

          Hope that helps,