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    OIM 11g R2 Post Event Handler not trigerred


      I have developed the event handler that request resources on user load into OIM (its a GTC load). I can see that:
      1. event handler is registered in "PLUGINS" table,
      2. appearing in em
      3. see the following under /dms/spy
      PostEventRequestResourceCreate company.com oim_server1:14000 active, threads 0 oim_server1
      avg, msecs 1.67
      completed, ops 3
      maxActive, threads 1
      maxTime, msecs 3
      minTime, msecs 1
      time, msecs 5

      As per the 11g R2 doc, I have included eventhandlers.xml as part of META-INF folder of my pluign zip -I did not import it into MDS as it was not mentioned in the doc (as it was mentioned in the case of 11g R1).
      I have updated the lib of the plugin zip with the custom class jar.

      I have few SOPs in my Eventhandler which are not getting printed and hence events are not triggered.
      Is there anything that I am missing here?