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    Primavera Create WBS Web Service

    Asif Hossain
      I am calling the Primavera "Create WBS web service" to create a WBS hierarchy for a project. I am populating the following fields.

      <proj:Name>Vendor Test</proj:Name>

      My question is, is there any way I can create the entire hierarchy in one web service call.

      What it seems like that I have to create the parent first using the Create WBS Service to get the object Id. And then pass this Object ID in the ParentObjectId field of the each of the children and call the same service again to create the children with the correct hierarchy. I don't see any place where I can pass the Parent Code instead of the Parent ID.

      This becomes even more complex when I have to update the WBS structure.

      I have also seen that the AIA PIP between JDE and Primavera somehow does it, but I am not aware how.