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    Periodic Alert not firing at specified time

    Manoj Gupta
      First I queried database to determine the date and time. It returned something like 20-nov-2012 16:36:22

      Then I defined a periodic alert as follows:

      Try 1:
      Frequency = Every N Calendar Days
      Days = 1
      Start Time = 16:50:00
      Entered a valid query.
      Created Action to send an email to my Gmail address
      Created Action Set and included above action in it.

      At 16:50:00 IST nothing happened. I did not receive any mail.

      To cross check notification mailer I manually submitted alert by going to Request -> Check. I successfully received mail to my Gmail address.

      Try 2:
      As per Oracle Alert User Guide Page 6-3
      How the Periodic Alert Scheduler Works:
      The Periodic Alert Scheduler runs at each day at 12 AM. When it runs, the Periodic Alert Scheduler looks for all periodic alerts scheduled to be checked that day, and then submits one concurrent request for each scheduled check.

      I changed Frequency of Alert to "Every N Calendar Days" and start Time to 17:15:00

      Then at 17:07:00 IST I deactivated "Periodic Alert Scheduler" and activated it to start at 17:10:00 IST.

      "Periodic Alert Scheduler" concurrent program ran at 17:10:00 and completed normal. However, at 17:15:00 nothing happened(did not receive any mail).

      Try 3:
      As mentioned in Oracle Alert User Guide "Creating a Periodic Alert" Page 2-3
      If you want Oracle Alert to check your alert just once a day, enter 00:00:00 in the Start Time field and leave End Time blank.

      So changed alert start time to 00:00:00 and reactivated "Periodic Alert Scheduler" but still nothing happened.

      Please guide me how to make an alert fire at specified time of a day. Kindly let me know what am I missing here.

      RDBMS :
      Oracle Applications : 12.1.3

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          Manoj Gupta
          I tried the solution detailed in following Metalink Note but still alert did not fire.
          *Periodic Alert does not Run at Scheduled Time, Runs when Periodic Alert Scheduler Runs [ID 1016672.102]*
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            did your query returned any rows ( the one on which the alert is based).

            try to submit a concurrent programs ( 'Active Users') as an action for this alert.

            Please try to schedule a seeded alert( Oracle Diagnostics) and change the frequency see if it works , if the seeded one also dont work raise a SR with Oracle
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              Manoj Gupta
              Yes, the query returned 1 row.

              The alerts are firing now. It seems we are supposed to wait for a day before system will pick newly created periodic alerts.

              Using below query(found in Metalink 427965.1) I came to know that all the alerts I created yesterday(20-Nov-2012) are scheduled to be checked the next day.

              SELECT next_scheduled_check
              FROM alr_periodic_Alerts_view
              WHERE alert_name = 'XXMG_PERIODIC_NOTIF_3';

              Above query returned 21-Nov-2012 for all periodic alerts I created on 20-Nov-2012.

              On 21-Nov-2012 "Periodic Alert Scheduler" picked all the alerts and scheduled them to run as expected. The next_scheduled_check is set to 22-Nov-2012 for all of them now.

              So to summarize I can manually test periodic alert by going to Request -> Check where it will pick the "Start Time" as mentioned in alert definition but I can't expect Oracle to schedule the alert on same day of alert creation.

              It is bit strange that this important piece of advise is nowhere mentioned in Oracle Alert's User Guide. :-( or may be I am unable to locate it.