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    kickstart udev rules

      Here is my experiment.

      I use ksdevice=<Mac Address> for pxe boot parameter for kickstart installation. But my IBM server always detect as eth4. and it effect to the post installation script.

      Is there any way to force that mac address 's name to eth0. just like SLES , they has an boot option udev.rule="mac=<MAC>,name=eth0".

      Could you please help?

      Thank you in advance.
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          Johan Louwers
          I think you might want to have a quick look at this doc to see if this is what you are looking for and is helping you with your current issue.


          Johan Louwers.
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            Thanks for reply Johan.

            I might miss some information above. I know that we can use udev rules to name the nic card.

            But my problem happens while the kickstart is processing ,I want the ksdevice to be named to eth0 instead of eth4 that generate from anaconda udev process.