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    AP Invoice Performance

    Osamah Sarrawi

      I have a performance issue in AP invoice screen, and I found Doc id 1323990.1 where oracle support requests to apply patch 9691219.

      the Patch will increase apsinreg.ldt file version to 115.18
      In our Server, the files version of apsinreg.ldt is 115.9

      My question:
      Which version is the highest 115.9 or 115.18?
      if the one in our server is the highest, will the patch overwrite the low file on the high file?

      Osamah Sarrawi
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          To decide on the highest version, you should read from left to right and compare the values between separators ....i.e.

          Your Version is 115.9
          Expected Version is 115.18

          From left, the first seperator (decimal) value is 115, which is same for both .... so move on to second separator value which is 9 versus 18 .. hence 18 is the higher version....

          In the given case, you are on the lower version, applying the patch would fix the known issues identified by Oracle. Applying the patch will override/replace the existing file with the new one. By any chance if you did any customizations on that, it would be lost ....

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