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    To load training history data into OLM


      Currently we are in the midst of activating the OLM module. However the usage will be for viewing only and the training courses and history training data will be loaded into OLM via API. To my understanding, this is equivalent to end-to-end setup of OLM module, which consist of create categories and courses, enroll leaner into course in order for OLM to display the final historical training data.

      Would appreciate feedback on whether my understanding is right and any advise regarding this area.

      Thanks and Regards,
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          Not sure if I've interpreted correctly what your situation is, but if you are only looking to load individuals' Training History for read-only purposes, then it may be that you only need to use OTA_NHS_API.create_non_ota_histories - this will allow you to load training data without the need for large amounts of historical reference data such as activities, events, resources etc.

          Hope this helps

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            Thank you for your reply.

            As per my understanding, OTA_NHS_API.create_non_ota_histories is meant for external training. Am I right?
            If load data into this area, does it impact the integration of OLM with other Oracle module such as Performance Management?

            Appreciate your advise

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              External to OLM, yes.

              It's very much a 'quick and easy' way of loading historical training information for an employee without the need to include historical (and possibly no longer applicable) resources, events etc.

              It is essentially stand-alone data, which has no impact at all elsewhere in OLM


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