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    Enable remote destop access

    AnkitR Gupta
      hi Guys,
      i am facing issue as follows on oracle linux 6.2 (same on RHEL 6.2 as well):-

      1. i have got access to linux machine in command line mode only (using putty).
      2. i have installed VNCserver packages as well
      3.i have started the VNCserver services as well.

      is ther any way by which i can see the remote desktop of linux using VNC Viewer.
      Experts please help on this.

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          I´m not really an expert for using x windows as remote desktop but my question is..

          What do u really want to do with the remote desktop.

          I have ten years experiences of linux administration and I never need to use a remote desktop.

          If you want to start xwindows application just connect X via ssh
          #> ssh -X root@myserver
          For a test try

          hope that helps

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            I think Re: How to enable clipboard with VNC/Gnome ?? should have some answers for you.