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    Query from Multiple tables to be displayed in UI


      I have a query from the DB person as shown below. With that I have to make an ADF screen using ADF BC. The query is based on 4 tables.
      Select abc.a 
      From   abc    
      Where  pqr.p=xyz.x
      And    abc.a=pqr.p
      And    xyz.x=mno.m
      And    ijk.k=mno.m
      In the UI I need a table with all the fields as read only and one field pqr.s as editable. THESE TABLES NEED NOT HAVE RELATIONSHIPS DEFINED AT DATABASE LEVEL. So what should be the approach taken by me.

      Should I directly create a ViewObjects from this Query.
      Should I create separate Entity and ViewObjects for all these 4 tables. Then how do I make a join based on all these table... for the UI purpose.

      In short I need an how to go about for this.

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      Edited by: 966247 on Nov 20, 2012 9:44 PM