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    Calling Report From Form

      Hi All,

      I Need to generate PDF and EXCEL output.

      I have to puttons(PDF,EXCEL). When i click PDF the pdf output is coming.Its works fine. But when i click excel that time EXCEL,PDF outputs are coming. I need only excel output. My Code looks like

      if :global.format = 'P' then
      set_report_object_property(v_report_id, report_desformat, 'PDF');
      set_report_object_property(v_report_id, report_desformat, 'PDF');
      end if;

      I dont want to mention any format in else condition. When CONTAINSOLE = YES then it will load the library RPT2XLS and gives the excel result after that it is giving PDF output also. I dont want that PDF output here. How i can rewrite the code? Can you please help me?

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          Hi Ann,

          For excel output
          set_report_object_property(v_report_id, report_desformat, 'SPREADSHEET');

          What code you have written in library RPT2XLS, so that I can help you.
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            In After Report trigger i have written RPT2XLS.RUN and also i have written some format trigger. When i click the button it will only generate excel output. I dont want to mention desformat because i put already like CONTAINSOLE=YES so it will load the library and then generate the report in excel after that i got pdf output also. When i remove that set property line in else case it will check the printer and then waiting for my response when i click no then it is generating excel output.

            From this, I need, When i click excel button it will directly generate excel output which means from RPT2XLS.