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    Weblogic admin user password change w/o disrupting existing users

    Jeegar Patel
      Hi Folks,

      As a business policy we need to change the password of the admin user in weblogic after a cycle of specific period.
      Please let us now how can we do that without losing the other existing users in 'my realm.'

      I understand that we can use the weblogic.utils.security.AdminAcoount utility to give the new password, which will create a new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file in +<domain-home>/security+ folder (according to Doc ID 1082299.1).
      The password will change but the users in 'my realm' will be lost. (there are many users and it is a production environment so recreation is out-of- question)

      Is there a way we can retain the users and still proceed with the password change?