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    cursorpos.jar does not go well with

      I was using cursorpos.jar in multi-record block consisting of items say item1,item2,item3 so that the highlighted blue color (forms default) does not show up when user navigates from item1 to item2 and if user has typed the half word in the end of line then it should appear from start of next line and cursor should be positioned to last character of word so that user can type without any interruption.

      I've user oracle.forms.demos.enhancedItems2.CursorPosTextField Implementation Class in item property.

      Above was working absotuletly fine in OAS version but when i updated to patch p5983622_10123_WINNT to version the curosr does not move to end and whole text is shown with blue color (forms default).

      I tried so many ways like checking of class path , archive path setting but nothing works as it should be !!!

      Let me know if there is any workaround for this !!!!

      Help is hightly appreciated.