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    DRM validation


      When i move a node it prompts error EAccess violation which looks like due to formula. Hence, i just want to temporarily remove the formula and validations at version/hierarchy/node level and try to perform the activity. Since i am not aware of how to remove/disable these, i am stuck.

      Please help!

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          Right click on Version/Hierarchy/Node and select 'Assign Validations'. The list of validations appear under the properties tab on the right. You can select one of 'None, Real-time, batch, both' for each validation that is available. Select 'none' for the ones you want to disable.
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            Thanks for the response. However, i am not able to view the options of validations like real-time/none. Could you pls explain where it is exactly. Could not fine properties tab when i select assign->validations. I have admin access.

            Thanks a lot,
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              Murali Pasumarti
              hmm!..it's a Drop down list against all the avaialable validations in the system, you need to select a particular validation to have the drop down list appear.