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    Is possible to set you MAC address on a zone?

      On our Solaris 10 servers we have shared NIC interfaces. We have a program that is having issues talking to the all zones because they have the same MAC address.
      Is there a way with zonecfg or ifconfig to change the MAC on the zones?

      Other wise we need to rewire the servers and I don't know if we have enough NICs for all the zones.

      Thanks for any input you can give.

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          If you were running Solaris 11 this would be easy. You could use Crossbow VNIC's which have their own Mac addresses. Unfortunately, these don't exist under Solaris 10. If you're using a SPARC T1 though T4 server, you could probably use the ldm command to create a vswitch (a virtual switch) and vnet devices (virtual NIC's) which have their own Mac addresses under Solaris 10. If the zones use these devices, they'll have their own Mac addresses. I'm not aware of a way to do this on standard hardware under Solaris 10. Maybe someone else knows a way of doing this with generic hardware.
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            I don't know if this helps but, most of our servers are SPARC and are blades on a SB 6000. The blades are T6300 T6320 and T6340.
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              Mike Gerdts-Oracle
              Shared stack does not allow the MAC address to be changed per zone. As someone else suggested, Solaris 11 greatly improves things because a single physical NIC can be used for multiple exclusive stack zones.

              You may want to consider running Solaris 11 on these servers. If some or all of your zones need to continue to be on Solaris 10, you could then use Oracle Solaris 10 Zones (i.e. solaris10 branded zones) on Solaris 11. If you have a box running Solaris 11, you can try out Solaris 10 Zones with:

              pkg install brand-solaris10
              zonecfg -z s10zone 'create; set zonepath=/zones/s10zone'
              zoneadm -z s10zone install -p -a /path/to/archive

              Instructions for creating the archive can be found at:


              The configuration that results from the zonecfg command above uses exclusive stack with one anet resource. The anet resource allows you to change the MAC address, limit which IP address(es) are used by the dedicated stack, automatically configure the IP address, etc.

              Note that Solaris 11.1 just came out. If you are installing Solaris 11 for the first time, best to start with Solaris 11.1. If you have Solaris 11.0 (aka Solaris 11 11/11) I'd suggest updating to at least 11.0 SRU2 before doing a lot with zones.
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