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    Synchronize Model with Data Dictionary shows virtual diffs for all VARCHAR2

      I have imported my model from Designer and Data Dictionary
      with the flag "Use Schema Property" deselected
      (otherwise the tables and entities would not be joined)

      Logical, Relational and Physical Models are looking fine.

      When I start Synchronize Model with Data Dictionary
      all tables are marked to have differences.
      But when I check the diffs, they are just virtual, like:

      Data Type:      VARCHAR2 (2000 BYTE )     <=> VARCHAR2 (2000)
      Data Type Kind:     Logical Type(VARCHAR)     <=> Domain (MEMO)
      LOV Constraint:     'Y','N'               <=> Y,N

      The canvas "Data type conversion" is listing all these columns,
      but here I can select "Recreate Table" only, which does not solve the problem.

      How can I avoid such virtual differences?

      my SDDM Version is