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    OVM 3.1.1 display on server garbled after install

      I am just testing OVM 3.1.1 on a desktop category machine (6GB RAM, 2.4GHz dual core 64-bit CPU).

      The installation of OVM 3.1.1 server completed without any errors. The install process detected the video card correctly. At the end of install process, the installer asked me to reboot. During reboot, there comes a point when udev is started. At this point, the display gets garbled. The screen goes white with a band in the center. The center band has thin, vertical green strips. I noticed that even with screen garbled, I could press Alt-F2 to enter root login and successfully stop the server. So the install is working but the display is messed up.

      Since I had used the same desktop to test OVM 3.0.3, I did a fresh install of OVM 3.0.3 server and there was no problem with the display.

      I had tested the media for 3.1.1 during install and no error was found. Any ideas?