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    Passed Dimession Hierarchy  values to Detail report useing Action links...

    Avinash Pentyala

      I use the Action Links passed to the values into details reports.I follow This Links


      I geting Error Link This

      Invalid path (%2Fshared%2FECO%20Bank%2FAnalytics%2FTesting%2FDeatail#criteriaTab13b230037e6) -- must start with a slash

      Error Details
      Error Codes: QM3V3HLV

      Finally My url like this{1}&path=@{2}&options=@{3}&Action=@{4}&col1=@{5}&val1="@{6}"

      And Parmeters

      path %2Fshared%2Funi%20Bank%2FAnalytics%2FTesting%2FDeatail#criteriaTab13b230037e6

      I will modify my url like this"Employee Organization"."Employee Organization Top Level Name"&val1=”Default Organization″

      In My Dimession Hierarchy Haveing 8 level.But In Detail Report I want Place on 4levels.we useing

      Any Help......