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    Loading Flat file into Table

      Hi ,

      I have a scenario , where i am getting a file like this


      here my first row is date , when file arrived

      and end row give me count of rows

      so i want to load this information into table ,

      so how can i do it

      and the same thing if i want to put into the file , how it will possible

      please help me in this
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          is this going to be the regular pattern of the file? if so, no problem..you can define 4 columns..the first being date..and so..on..creating a source datastore and map accordingly to the target..
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            It is not that straight forward

            i want to load the first row data which came as 20112012 in a separate column let's say insert_date

            and the count of rows exclude the first row and last row i will take the count of the rows and try to insert into one table..
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              A. Drieux
              I assume there is only 1 "date row", and it's always the first row of the file ?

              If so, you should extract this date in an ODI Variable.
              Then ignore this first row in your ODI interface. But use the variable to populate your "insert_date" column.

              If you can't directly read the file to extract this row, create a specific interface that will load your flat file with the filter ROWNUM=1 (filter on staging area zone). This interface will only extract the date in a temporary table. You can use the "yellow interface" for that.
              Then, an ODI variable will read the date in the "yellow datastore table".
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                I hope the last value will not generate an error.

                If it goes well, add a filter in the interface loading your file : DATASTORE_ALIAS.C2 IS NOT NULL.
                It will ensure that your last value will not be loaded.
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