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    using expdp and impdp instead of exp and imp

      Hi All,

      I am trying to use expdp and impdp instead of exp and imp.

      I am facing few issues while using expdb. I have a Job which exports data from one DB server and then its imported so another DB server. Both DB servers are run on separate machines. Job runs on various clients machine and not on any of DB server.

      For using expdp we have to create DIRECTORY and as I understand it has to be created on DB server. Problem here is Job can not access DB Server or files on DB server. Also dump file created is moved by Job to other machines based on requirement( Usually it goes to multiple DB server).

      I need way to create dump files on server where job runs.

      If I am not using expdp correctly please guide. I am new to expdp/impdp and imp/exp.