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    Rest Web service testing

      I am creating the REST based web service using PT 8.52. I have created the document having one primitive element USERID. When I am testing it by handler tester, after populating the document with the value for USERID, handler code is not fecthing the value for USERID. If I hardcode this value, it is working fine.

      Any one has idea if there is issue with handler tester for rest based service?

      My code is like this:

      &msg_resp = CreateMessage(Operation.xyz, %IntBroker_Response);
      &DOC = &msg.GetURIDocument();
      &root = &DOC.DocumentElement;

      &prim = &root.GetPropertyByName("USERID");
      &user = &prim.Value;

      after populating userid in handler tester, still code did n't get value for &user.

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