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    How to work with gglog files

      Hi i have been working with GoldenGate 11.2.1 in an Oracle to Oracle replication, and i have noticed that
      when a process crashes, GoldenGate creates a dump file on the installation directory like:
      I want to know if there is a parameter to specify the directory where this kind of files are created,
      and what kind of work can i do with they.
      I mean, is it a database pump and i can import it into a database? or it should be treated with another
      GoldenGate utility.

      If someone have worked with this files i would apreciate your help.
      Thanks in advance.
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          You are correct. If the GoldenGate process aborts, a dmp file wile be generated. This is one part of the Activity Logging of GoldenGate.
          The dump might be helpful for support to get the reason why the process aborted. From the version 11-Triple-1, there is a new application
          called retrace. Retrace is useful to make the dmp file human readable.
          retrace console.xml <dumpfile>.
          There is a MOS Note around this, so please check "OGG v11.1.1.0 Activity Logging tracing Activity Trace" [ID 1204284.1]
          Thx, Volker