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    Can NOT manage a global zone

      Hello everybody

      I'm trying to manage a Solaris 10 that is a global zone
      When i go to Tab Available to Manage Assets and select Solaris 10 operating system and click Manage Asset an error occurs:

      Target com.sun.hss.domain:name=NORM-x.x.x.x,type=OperatingSystem cannot be provisioned, it is a non-global zone with an unmanaged global zone

      Any ideas why?
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          I know this post is very old, but I have the same issue, and can't find why this is happening.
          I'm running a brand new installation of Ops Center 11g on Solaris 10 8/11.
          Any ideas??
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            From the Ops Center proxy, try to SSH to the IP of the asset with the provided credentials and run "zonename" - did you get "global"?
            Ops Center requires the Global zone to be managed before the zones under. Also, depending on the discovery method you used, you may see a misleading name in that tab.
            The best way to do this is to choose "Custom discovery" in 11g, or "Add Assets" in 12c and provide the specific IP of the global zone. This will guarantee that you are indeed trying to add the global zone.

            Some more thoughts - if you're using 11g to discover s10s_u10 - you may be running into an issue with the /etc/release - try changing it to u9. Also, try running the latest OCDoctor --agent-prereq on that global zone.

            Last - since you just installed, I would strongly recommend moving to 12c (Update 2 is already available) which has a tremendous amount of bug fixes.