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    VO access in simple java class


      Jdev version:

      I have a requirement where I have to use ADF model to access DB tables without any UI attached.
      I have created a query based VO and an AM.

      In my plain java class, I have used,

      private AMImpl am = null; //Global variable.

      public void myMethod(){
      if(am == null)
      am = (MyAMImpl)Configuration.createRootApplicationModule("org.abc.am.MyAM", "MyAMLocal");
      MyVOImpl vo = am.getMyVO1();

      Is there any potential issue with the way I'm access the VO? Will this have any jdbc/connection pool issue?

      What is the best way to access VO/AM from plain java class without ADF UI and bindings?

      Thanks in advance!