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    Oracle Linux Partitioning problem. Please help


      I have installed ORACLE LINUX 6.3 guest on VirtualBox. I chose 100gb for disk space.
      But when actually guest OS is created and checked with fdisk -l
      I can see hda1/hda2 etc and space is divided into 50gb/50gb. what is this and why is this happening.
      Now i want to install oracle ebs on it and when i create a folder like /u01/oracle folders. Its running out of memory as it needs 60 gb minimum memory.
      then i reinstalled the software with 150gb space. again its divided it into 50gb/10gb/90gb hda1/hda2/hda3.
      how to access these hda3 and how can i install ebs on hda3.
      Sorry if i am asking foolish questions as i am very new to this linux os. I am really confused whatz happening. Please help

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          The OS installer has options to accept defaults or use custom partitioning. The automatic setup will simply divide the available space, assuming you want to use the whole disk for the OS. If you created a custom extra partition you will need to create a filesystem on it, then mount it and create an entry in /etc/fstab to mount it automatically. The OS has no idea what you want to do with the extra partition. What I would rather recommend is to use the standard for the OS, e.g. 12 GB dynamic HD and create one or more additional disks in the virtual machine setup. Then partition and format these extra disks to store your Oracle installation. There is no technical reason to create additional partitions and limit the setup to one hard disk.