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    Branch to Page Identified by Item

      I am using version I have two Interactive Reports and one form. The first report is on Page 1. The form is on Page 2. The second report is on Page 3 (which is a copy of Page 1).

      I want to maintain only one form page and have several different Interactive reports that point to the form on Page 2. So, if I start on on Page 1 and go to the form, when done it will go back to Page 1.

      Conversely, if I start on Page 3, and go to Page 2, I want to return to Page 3.

      I have created an Item on Page 2 - called P2_PAGE_RETURN. I am displaying the value now for debugging purposes. I can see that this value is updating with the correct page number based on my starting page. So, if I start on Page 1, it shows 1 if I click the pencil to edit the row. It also shows 3, if I start from Report Page 3 and click on the pencil to Edit.

      I created a Branch on Page 2 - Branch to Page Identified by Item. The Branch Action has - P2_PAGE_RETURN.

      The problem is that it always returns to Page 1.

      Please advise.