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    Want a javascript redirect URL using an already defined page item?

      i have a button where i configure a Redirect to URL option... and use : javascript:html_PopUp('http://yahoo.com', '_newwindow');

      That is pretty clear, and it works. I also have a defined page item which does contain a valid URL
      For example :P4_OFFICE_WEB_PAGE_LINK_V:='http://google.com'

      I want the pop up to use a stored value, not the hardcoded one at the top... I have tried all of these, but none seem to work :

      javascript:html_PopUp('P4_OFFICE_WEB_PAGE_LINK_V', '_newwindow');
      javascript:html_PopUp(':P4_OFFICE_WEB_PAGE_LINK_V', '_newwindow');
      javascript:html_PopUp(APEX_UTIL.GET_SESSION_STATE('P4_OFFICE_WEB_PAGE_LINK_V'), '_newwindow');

      What should i use?