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Hello first post.

My question is: In the last two weeks, has anyone successfully downloaded and installed the prebuilt VM for BI ? Its is the one from here

I am following all the directions...using 7Zip etc, but the consolidated archive is "corrupt". I have searched & read every thread I can find on the net, and the usual answer is that the download was faulty. However, I have downloaded all the parts multiple times and checked that the MD5 is the same between downloads. However, the MD5's do not match the ones published on the downloads page.

I think it could not be a random download fault and still have the same MD5 several times in a row.

Can anyone confirm that they have had success downloading and importing this VM in the last couple of weeks?
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    Welcome to the forums.

    I suppose posting in the OBIEE forum would be better:
    Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

    Before you "move" your post there, make sure to use the Search facility becuase the vbox image / Sampleapp has likely been discussed before.

    Verify that you've followed the description on the downloads page on how to manage all zip files including .ovf:

    Also, I remember that md5 sums for prebuilt vm's has been known to be wrong (outdated) before. I do not know if that's the case now, but you're findings are pointing in that direction. :)

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    Thanks orafad. I had read all the posts previously but on re-read I noticed people were using IDM. Switched to this D/L manager and was successful (based on MD5s). Two of eleven files failed on the first DL but worked on the second.

    So for the sake of future forum searchers:

    1) Yes Sampleappv207 download works as today's date

    2) The published MD5's are correct

    3) Switching to IDM either fixed my previous D/L problems or was a coincidence.

    4) Import of appliance into VirtualBox worked fine

    Thanks again Orafad for your previous response.


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